Espalmador beach

There are two ways to access this long strip of sandy beach at the northern end of Formentera, on the other side of where Illetes is. The way most people get to Llevant beach is to go into the Illetes area (by passing the toll) and turning right where it says Tanga, which is the only restaurant on this side of the area. Or you could pass by the main entrance to Illetes and go in at the supermarket called sa Roqueta, there is no toll here and you can find the only chiringuito on this side called Vapor Manolito.

When the breeze comes in from the west this beach tends to fill up, but apart from these days it is fairly quiet compared to th other side which would be Illetes. Llevant has a much longer strip of continuous sandy beach. The water is just as clear and usually with a lot less number of boats (apart from the days where Illetes is on the windy side). This makes this beach great for beach walks as well as you have a bit more to walk on than the other beaches. The only downside could be the lack of restaurants and bars close by however for some this would be considered a plus as this keeps the amount of traffic down. Just make sure you come prepared on the busier days as it could be difficult getting a table at the restaurant or chiringuito.

Espalmador Beach

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