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The most exclusive venue in the North of Ibiza

Escape to the picturesque and authentic region of Ibiza, and indulge in an unforgettable family vacation or special occasion at Finca Cielo. This stunning property showcases the quintessential Ibizan country house architecture, featuring whitewashed walls, high ceilings, and spacious rooms that create a mesmerizing ambiance, blending exclusivity, comfort, and nature seamlessly.

The property’s charm lies in its perfect fusion of traditional heritage with modern elegance, resulting in a unique haven in the heart of Ibiza. Surrounded by luscious fruit orchards, Mediterranean flora, and breathtaking vistas that offer glimpses of the bell tower of the historic church of Sant Llorenç and the bay of Santa Eulària des Riu, Finca Celeste exudes a sense of harmony with its surroundings, offering the perfect balance between nature and luxury. Experience a stay like no other at this centennial Finca, where you’ll relish the traditional elements and be enchanted by the natural environment, stunning views, and the magic of its simplicity. The property features thirteen private bedrooms spread across three separate units, with each room offering its exclusive space to revel in the idyllic scenery with complete privacy. The property is an oasis of indulgence that perfectly complements the plethora of amenities available on-site. Unwind and rejuvenate in absolute comfort at the property’s fully equipped spa, complete with a sauna, hammam, and fitness equipment. One of the thirteen bedrooms features a private swimming pool, while two others boast refreshing plunge pools, adding to the luxurious experience.


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