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Villa Caroline Côte d’Azur
Ville Franche sur Mer

Accessed via a scenic coastal road, this stunning villa is the culmination of modern design and a very welcoming atmosphere; a true trophy estate secluded behind private gates. The home is built with great care and attention to detail, and is available for rent for only two months a year. The furniture, and the amenities are of the best quality.

This 5 bedroom house is perfect for any occasion, whether for family or pure entertainment. The interior was decorated recently, and there is no denying that the home was built for year-round enjoyment of the Riviera. The abundance of windows around the villa gravitates the attention to the wonderfully kept garden and, of course, the stunning views over the Mediterranean and the coastline of Menton, Roquebrune and the high grounds over Monaco. The colourful nature of this villas interior, mirrors the bright and joyous flowers blossoming in the garden.

Separated from the main house sits a half open air gym; the space creates a heavenly ambience reminiscent of a luxury hotel. Take in the beautiful landscape whilst on the treadmill, and then refresh yourself with a shower and a swim in the infinity pool just in front of the property

DETAILS: 5 Rooms – 6 Bedrooms – 5 Bathrooms – 3 Garages.
Price on request

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