La Savina, the harbour of Formentera

Everyone arriving to Formentera will first arrive at this harbour town called La Savina. It is the only harbour of the island and directly connects the ferries going back and forth to Ibiza harbour. During the summer it is also possible to arrive from the mainland from Denia or Valencia with a fast ferry taking only approximately two and a half hours.

The harbour is mainly made up from two touristic harbours; Marina de Formentera, and Formentera Mar. Both can offer mooring options from smaller boats up to fifty meter super yachts. These leisure harbours make the area an excellent option for an early morning or evening walk as it is a very romantic setting especially during the sunset. During the rest of the day it can get very hectic as many boats bring a lot of people over day in day out from Ibiza. As also the motor and car rental companies have their base here it is sometimes a very confusing place to be during the day.

In the evening everything seems to change as it becomes a truly romantic place to be with some of the best restaurants and bars to be found on the island for evening drinks and dinners. When renting your villa or any type of holiday accommodation this is certainly a place to give a second chance if you think there is nothing more to it than what you see on arrival…

La Savina

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