Villa Om is a beachfront property located in Formentera. The property includes nine bedrooms and suites in the finca, two little houses on the beach, a pool on terrace and a large patio between shade and sun to accommodate readings and philosophical thoughts under the boughs of an old tree.

It offers various cultural and agricultural experiences while preserving its soul of the finca of yesteryear in a minimal and refined design. A strong and natural place, it welcomes anyone looking for a new and immersive, slow life.It aims to preserve the natural beauty of the landscape with new permaculture techniques and the work of talented organic farmers.

DETAILS • 9 Bedrooms • 8 Bathrooms



Formentera is an island out of time with a wild and protected landscape. To the east, “the Mola” is the highest point of the island. A large rocky road surrounded by pines leads across a vast desert plain to the lighthouse, overlooking cliffs over 200 meters high. This place has inspired a novel by Jules Verne, Hector Servadac, about a long journey at the end of the Earth… Around the property is land bordered by stone walls, bearing olive trees, vineyards,  fig trees and fields of wheat. Formentera has remained an island of farmers, while wild pigs and goats are sometimes encountered in the desert areas. Each part of the residence has its own spirit. From the entrance, a large white patio bathed in light illuminates the first rooms and shows the way to a small garden where an old tree is enthroned, shading some benches. Just there, two open doors lead to the sea, while another shows the way to a vast terrace overlooking an infinite panorama of blue sea, sky and white rocks. Below the finca, two small houses in front of the sea offer an ideal setting to disconnect from the world. The surroundings allow guests to wake up every morning with the sound of the waves and to sleep every night under innumerable stars.


The residence lies parallel to the sea and rocks, with essential living and dining spaces at ground level spilling to the outdoors. The sleeping areas are perched above to offer expansive views of the sea and surrounding nature. All the interior rooms’ designs are minimal to leave space for the beauty of the nature outdoors. White walls and wooden furniture offer clean surfaces on which the light can reflect. All the interiors have been scrupulously chosen to blend with the original finca tradition without forgetting the comfort and conveniences of a modern home. All the rooms and suites are unique. Some offer an exceptional view, while others allow guests to fall asleep to the melody of the waves or in the shade of a centenary tree.

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